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About UltraPure

Ultrapure is a Cape Town based biotechnology company.  After 30 years of research, Ultrapure HOCl was launched. Ultrapure hold a patent for  HOCl  stabilisation in RSA and have a patent pending in Europe.

Ultrapure produces one of the purest forms, at the highest concentration globally, far outperforming global competitors. Ultrapure has had a presence in South African Hospitals since 2018, and have recently signed to supply 340+ hospitals in South Africa for wound care applications and sanitation. Products fully licensed with South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (formally MCC).

Ivaratec Animal Health has the mandate and exclusivity within the animal health arena. Ivaratec Animal Health is responsible for product development, marketing and consumer relations and technical advise for Ultrapure products within the Animal Health industry.

The Innate Immune System

Ultrapure’s™ active, hypochlorous acid (HOCl), is the product of a redox reaction within white blood cells (granulocytes), killing 99.9% of all microbes.  Through topical application we augment the natural, innate immune system, without the concern of resistant microbial tactics.

Hypochlorous acid, in the pure form, could not historically be stabilised. After two decades of research, Ultrapure™ have patented and produced one of the purest, concentrated and stable HOCl products globally. Setting themselves apart from competitors, with added bleach impurities and buffers, Ultrapure’s Maxi range is the safest, yet effective product available today: Just nature, concentrated. Although 80-100 times more effective than bleach, the Maxi range encourages wound healing.  It is deadly, yet safe to fog live animals in. Used internationally in major hospitals, the agricultural sector and veterinary clinics, Africa is finally able to benefit from hypochlorous acid.

Properties of HOCl

  • Effective against resistant organisms
  • Anti-pruritic
  • Encourages wound healing/granulation
  • Biofilm effective
  • Anti-inflammatory, soothing
  • Non-toxic
  • Painless application
  • Safe for all life stages and staff
  • Organic compliant
  • Odour neutralising
  • No contra-indications
  • Multi –functional
  • Eco-friendly

That’s why it’s the MAXI range.

Effective Antimicrobial Actions

HOCl destroys 99.99% of bacteria, bacterial spores,  viruses, fungi and even resistant prions.

Image 1: Hypochlorous acid action against bacterial cells.


Table 1: Kill time for HOCl acid at MBC concentrations against different pathogens.

No development of resistance has been demonstrated.

Despite the above, HOCl is shown to be commensal organism sparing, ensuring a healthy microbiome for optimal healing.


HOCL is the key in promoting healing in a variety of wound types.

HOCl encourages wound healing, unlike most cytotoxic antiseptics, by increasing oxygenation and regulating pro-inflammatory cytokines, chemokines and growth factors.

HOCL stimulates the migration of fibroblasts and keratinocytes into the wound bed.


Microorganisms within an extracellular matrix create an impenetrable case over lesions. This compromises wound healing in chronic wounds.

Settles in dental lines, ET Tubes and circuits, endoscopes, surfaces and more.

HOCl is unique in that it is able to penetrate and disrupt biofilm allowing for better antimicrobial control.


HOCl faciliates the management of atopic and seborrheic dermatitis and pruritus.

With pain free application, compliance is improved.

Topical infection control compliments pruritus management.

Lichenification is reduced and peripheral sensory nerve response to itch stimuli is reduced.

Pruritus is reduced by HOCl without the side effects of topical corticosteriods over long term use.

HOCl reduces mast cell degranulation, decreases histamine activity and reduces immunoglobulin E induced cytokine release.

Skin Lesion Score (Graph 3)

Graph 3: House dust mite (HDM ) sensitized mice were exposed for 22 days before being  treated with a hydrogel vehicle control, HOCl and betamethasone.

Frequency Of Scratching
(Graph 4)

Graph 4: Treatment of HDM sensitized mice from 21 days with a vehicle control hydrogel, HOCl and  betamethasone. HOCl significantly reduced lesions.


  • Fast microcidal activity
  • Does not contribute to antimicrobial resistance development
  • No withdrawal period
  • Organic principles
  • Harmless to live animals
  • The potential to improve your farming practice is MAXImised with Ultrapure HOCl.


  • Poultry house fogging and spraying
  • Incubator and egg surface spray with no harmful residues and safe for staff.
  • Proven reduced chick mortality in HOCl treated eggs
  • Efficacy against all avian pathogens including Avian Infuenza and Newcastle Disease
  • Inline water treatments
  • Carcass treatment to reduce contamination


Graph 5: Inactivation of S. enteritidis on the surface of egg shells by HOCl and a control sterilised deionized water at 20°C.


ble 2: Mean populations of microorganisms in dust, faeces, feathers, and feed after disinfection with tap water control and other antimicrobials. *ND – negative growth.5


Graph 6 & 7:
The benefits of twice daily HOCl  for use in IBK (pink eye) in relation to a saline control.


  • Infectious Bovine Keratitis management
  • Holding pen and dairy hygiene (inline water treatment, parlour spray)
  • Pre and post teat spray and mastitis control
  • Open wounds and topical skin conditions
  • Manage digital dermatitis which is associated with a 5-10% milk yield drop
  • AI equipment sanitation
  • Effective in vitro for prions and Foot and Mouth disease



  • Wound care and granulation management
  • Sweet Itch dermatitis and Rain Rot dermatophytosis
  • Hoof rot management
  • Stable sanitation
  • Mud fever and greasy heal management



  • Improve carcass shelf live with carcass decontamination spray
  • Facility and cutting knife sanitation
  • Biosecurity and staff hygiene

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