Pre Loader

Popular Applications

Wound Care

Spraying superficial wounds/gauze OR Drawing into a sterile syringe for flushing.

Early wound care:  Wet to dry dressings

Daily changes / Infection control / Break down biofilm

Middle wound care:

Wound bed prepation / Surgical prepation

Second intention care:

Encourges granulation / Infection control
Wound disinfection/biofilm management prior to ointments
Open wound, safe, home management with BID applications

Skin Fold Dermatitis

  • Lip folds, Nasal folds, tail fold
  • Spray and wipe BID to manage infection

Superficial Pyoderma

  • Ideal for the ventral abdominal, inguinal and axillary supericial pyoderma.
  • Spray BID.
  • Well tolerated and subsequently great compliance
  • Facilitates in reducing itch

Hot Spots (Moist Dermatitis)

  • Potent antimicrobial
  • Biofilm effective
  • Well tolerated
  • Easy to administer
  • Facilitates itch management


  • Results over long term use similar to topical betamethasone in reducing itch and skin lesions.
  • Antimicrobial, managing secondary pyoderma too
  • No adverse side effects
  • Large volume bottles
  • Spray BID and allow to dry naturally


Graph: House dust mite (HDM )sensitized mice were exposed for 22 days before being  treated with hydrogel vehicle control, HOCl and betamethasone3


Graph: Treatment of HDM sensitized mice  from 21 days with vehicle control hydrogel, HOCl and betamethasone  significantly reduce lesions.3.

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