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Who is Ivaratec?

Ivaratec Animal Health was founded in 2018 to fill a niche offering a broad range of services centered on products within the animal health industry. The animal health industry is forecast to experience significant growth, with an estimated Compound Annual Growth Rate of 7.5%. Increasing demand for meat and dairy products and changes in pet ownership statistics and  sentimental value cements this industry in the upward trajectory of growth.

Ivaratec is positioned to utilize the constantly evolving opportunities within the industry.  Our proactive sourcing of novel products  and services ensures Ivaratec is a company promoting progression and the development of small businesses within the industry.

On the ground, Ivaratec facilitates concept and product development, product brand identity and transition into the animal industry. Our focused marketing, product distribution management, sales management and customer care services enable our clients to enter into the industry that we specialize in, knowing that their product is in safe hands.

Company Strategy


To offer a comprehensive service managing a portfolio of progressive products and services within the Animal Health Industry.


To offer a fresh, personable service to our clients, managing their ideas with enthusiasm, professionalism and energy, as if they are our own.


Ivaratec will be a platform for the introduction of innovative products promoting responsible animal health, thereby utilising the opportunity of industry growth yet addressing the challenges thereof.


We value the ideas of our clients.

We grow through creativity and innovation.

Ivaratec promotes the philosophy of ‘One Health’.

We integrate the core values of empathy, discretion, professionalism and zeal into our projects.

Meet Our Directors


Dr. Megan Wassung (BVSc PgCert)
Managing Director

After having qualified as a veterinarian in 2005, Megan spent 7 years practicing in the UK, where she completed a post grad certificate in ‘One Health’ through the University of Edinburgh. Thereafter Megan returned to South Africa to participate in a study on active surveillance in rural cattle at the livestock/wildlife interface. Megan has subsequently been involved in multiple outreach projects and private practice until the fruition of Ivaratec Animal Health in 2018. With a natural curiosity and tenacity, Megan is the go-to for technical development and product management.


Mr Anthony Ekerold (LLB, BComm, BsocSci)

Anthony is a practicing attorney, with a primary interest in commercial and labour law. After completing his extensive studies Anthony worked as part of large corporation as in house legal before branching off to start his own firm. Anthony is now a director at a well established legal firm in KZN. Multiple start-up companies were fortunate to have Anthony on their board of directors and we are pleased to be able to tap into his knowledge as an integral team member at Ivaratec Animal Health.

Need a Partner in Animal Health Products?

Are you looking for a partner to help you distribute, assist in product development, technical advice and market your animal health related products, then you need to talk to us.

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