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Product Development

We collaborate with your business to facilitate product development, product design, product packaging and brand identity appropriate for your target market within the animal health industry.


We utilise modern marketing practises, including analogue and digital marketing, promoting your brand, creating product awareness, brand loyalty and building relationships.

Consumer Relations

Ivaratec is able to offer services including the management of sales, distribution and customer care through our personable agents, our various online and offline contacts as well as offering technical veterinary support.

Technical Advice

Our agents are trained and Ivaratec is veterinary owned. We understand the market. Ivaratec can offer technical advice facilitating product development or ongoing technical veterinary support.


Browse through some relevant news, current peer reviewed papers and a few interesting articles. Be sure to keep checking in.


Ivaratec Animal Health sources products and collaborates with businesses that can offer socially responsible and progressive animal health products and management tools. We aim to do Animal Health, better together.

We have a network of enthusiastic agents throughout South Africa.

We understand the animal health market and the needs of our clients.

We are able to offer you and your clients help when they need it.

We work with you, to build on your vision and bring it to fruition.

We help you make decisions appropriate for the market.

We aim to give back and build on social responsibility where we can.

We offer numerous services, in flexible packages, according to your needs.

UltraPure Veterinary Range

Ultrapure is a Cape Town based biotechnology company. After 30 years of research, Ultrapure HOCl was launched. Ultrapure hold a patent for HOCl stabilisation in RSA and have a patent pending in Europe.

Ultrapure produces one of the purest forms, at the highest concentration globally, far outperforming global competitors. Ultrapure has had a presence in South African Hospitals since 2018, and have recently signed to supply 340+ hospitals in South Africa for wound care applications and sanitation.

Products fully licensed with South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (formally MCC). Ivaratec Animal Health has the mandate and exclusivity within the animal health arena.

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